Hello! I'm Garfield, generally known as Garf. Welcome to my page!

I began hanging around Fandom on-and-off in February 2016, mainly around Flipline Studios Wiki and Hill Climb Racing Wiki, though I didn't really edit much at all. It wasn't until late 2018 when I started becoming more active around Fandom as a whole, spreading around to CC and elsewhere.

I'm an admin on a number of wikis - the most notable ones are SML Wiki, GoAnimate Wiki, and Cut The Rope Wiki. I'm also a discussions mod or "Janitor" on Melanie Martinez Wiki. You can find me on any of them, but I also roam around lots of wikis throughout Fandom, sometimes editing, sometimes fixing vandalism, so I should be around almost anywhere. However, if you have issues with vandalism, please report them to SOAP, as I cannot directly assist with that.

Otherwise, I'm always around to assist anyone whenever I can, so feel free to message me. I love helping out/assisting, so don't be shy!
Feel free to also leave me some lasagna if you'd like xD

Thanks for stopping by. Peace Out! ✌

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